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Software and Datasets

PyHubs Software Library

PyHubs is a machine learning library developed in Python. It contains implementations of hubness-aware machine learning algorithms together with some useful tools for machine learning experiments.

Click here for more information and/or download the software library.

For an online lecture about hubness-aware machine learning see the Video Lectures page.

Resources Related to Keystroke Dynamics and Person Identification

We perform research in keystroke dynamics and person identification, and we made our data and results available and announced an open challenge.

Blog Feedback Data

Our Blog Feedback Dataset, together with its description is available in the UCI Machine Learning Repository. As response to multiple requests, we made the list of words 200 frequent words (rather: phrases) available (each line contains one phrase). However, please note that:
(1) this list is a rough translation of the original Hungarian phrases, and some words may be said in various ways in Hungarian, while others may be difficult to translate properly (especially as single words without the context),
(2) this data was not collected or preprocessed with any application in mind that would use the particular words.
Therefore, please use it carefully.